Wendy Wilkensen embrace … movement

Wendy loves to get upside down. She inspires other to face their fears while defying gravity. Most of all she want students to find joy and freedom in their own practice. Her classes present students with a strong power flow tempered by common sense and compassion.

Wendy Wilkensen

Hailing from Philly, and armed with a liberal arts degree in theatrical design, Wendy has been adventuring westward for the past twenty years. First stop was Teton Valley, Idaho where she started a family, learned to backcountry ski, and began practicing Yoga with Sundari Lucy. The next stop on the westbound train was Woodacre, where Wendy began her power yoga practice and teacher trainings with Arjay Parker and Phillip Urso. Wendy has also studied and performed West African Dance in the Bay Area with Naby Bangoura and Rhythm Village. Her knowledge and understanding of posture and alignment come from a dedicated practice and a lifelong love of dance and movement.

Wendy lives in Woodacre with two teenage sons and husband. When she is not driving boys to basketball or making playlists for class she can be found working in her gardens.