Sophia Wood embrace … wisdom

Sophia's classes are based on both her Vinyasa training and her Bikram background. She gives simple instruction, and never strays far from her basic structure. She teaches using her voice as a guide, reminding students to stay connected to their breath and intention. She hopes her students grow comfortable with the basic sequence so they are able to explore the more subtle aspects of their practice, and begin to notice the changes within.

Loren Altura

Sophia began her journey with Yoga after a magical Bikram class in the year 2000. Since then heat has been one of the guiding themes in her practice. After raising two children to school-age, she looked to Yoga to fulfill a deeper need in her life and this naturally progressed into a desire to teach; in 2013 she completed her 200RYT Teacher Training at Embrace Yoga with Banyan Gallagher as instructor and mentor. Banyan answered many of her questions, and like any great teacher, he left her with many more.

Sophia continues her daily practice of yoga, and has been influenced by many teachers. Some of her current favorites are Arjay Parker, Wendy Medeiros, and Marina Guastucci.