Daniel Rauck embrace … balance

Elements of stretching, strengthening, breathing, relaxation and muscular engagement, mental focus on the physical body, meditation and balance. We will start in stillness, focusing on our breath and connecting the mind and body. Gradually and methodically we will build intensity leading to deeper stretches and finally ultimate relaxation at the end.

Daniel Rauck

Daniel took his first yoga class in December of 1999 and was instantly drawn to its profound transformative and healing power. Daniel instantly developed a regular asana practice and found himself on the path teachcing shortly thereafter. After completing a teacher training at Greenpath Yoga with Clayton Horton he began teaching right away and the real learning began… Daniel dove into teaching right away and was amazed at the range of reasons people had for practicing yoga. From stress relief to physical fitness to spiritual nourishment it seemed that the range of positive benefits that could potentially arise from regular yoga practice were limitless… and Daniel is determined to explore them all and have them be a part of the benefits which students can seek out in his classes. With 5 years (so far!) of teaching experience, 3.5 of them full-time, Daniel has taught thousands of classes and experienced hundred of bodies, energies, and emotional states and his is becoming more & more adept at handling them all. Thanks to augmenting his knowledge with further studies in yoga and becoming both a certified personal trainer and a Senior Fitness Association group instructor he is prepared to offer participants in his classes exactly what they need. So whether you are pregnant, nursing an injury, or a serious athlete gearing up for a triathlon, Daniel’s classes have got something for you. Inner tranquility, physical awareness, mental clarity, are just a few of the benefits. An balanced blend of energetic movement, muscular engagement, passive release, attention to breath and focus are all found in Daniel’s classes. His classes usually begin with breath and body awareness to set the stage for deeper work.