Clare Buckley embrace … everything

Clare's classes support a rich and deep internal and external realignment. The classes focus on mindful breath work and unfold from grounding floor based poses to long held standing flowing postures often using props. Many classes hold a seasonal theme to support the energetics of the body, mind and spirit. Clare encourages her students to listen deeply and to reconnect in the moment with their essential knowing self.

Clare Buckley

Clare's style of teaching is deeply intuitive. She responds to the energy and needs of her students with warmth and clarity. Classes hold at their core a deep respect for our essential nature. They provide the space and support to cultivate new insights. The practice is simultaneously joyful, vibrant and contemplative and provides the literal and figurative breathing space needed to connect with the heart of our experience. Meeting ourselves in this way supports the blossoming of a healthy body, open heart and radiant mind which we can enjoy on and off the mat. Having completed her teacher training with Sarah Powers in 2000 and having also studied with many senior teachers in yogic lineages such as traditional Hatha, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Tantra and Yin, Clare’s classes are uniquely resonant of many insights. She is inspired by her students and their transformations on and off the mat and delights in teaching.

Clare leads studio classes, private classes, workshops and retreats in the US and internationally. She draws from over 25 years of practice and has been teaching since 2000. Please visit her website for her weekly schedule and workshops.