Caryl Sircus embrace … yourself

Practicing yoga with scoliosis, back or neck pain, degenerative disc disease or other spinal issues can require modifications and a particular awareness of the body.  Develop the freedom to move in a strong and balanced posture, gain general body length and strength, and decrease discomfort and tightness. This class is designed with a hands-on approach to allow for individual needs.

Caryl Sircus

Caryl has been a licensed physical therapist since 1990 working with people of all ages and physical abilities. When Caryl began her yoga practice, she immediately saw how it complimented her creative and whole body approach with all her clients. She discovered Elise Miller's work after her teenage daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis and became a Yoga for Scoliosis Trainer in 2007. Passionate about bringing more of yoga's benefits to all her clients, she completed the 200 hour YogaWorks Teacher Training in August, 2008.

“My goals as a yoga teacher and a physical therapist are the same. Decrease pain, improve mobility safely and empower each individual to feel what the body needs and honor it.”