Amanda Mount embrace … practice

In her classes she blends the different lineages of which she has studied, making her class a Yoga Blend and very unique style that has a core focus on alignment and can reach any level. With each class being unique and offering variety, her desire is to assist students clarify their lives through the connection of body, mind and spirit; simply with the practice of yoga. Her focus is to help students gain a sense of an ever growing awareness in their bodies, gain the essence of quieting the mind and how these practices translate on and off the mat. It is with this consciousness that we gain the ability to surrender to turn our attention within.

Amanda Mount

Amanda Mount, founder of Embrace Yoga is one of Marin's leading teachers. She has been a yoga practitioner since 2000. Amanda has studied Ashtanga at It’s Yoga in San Francisco as well as being certified with Yoga Works which blends Ashtanga, Iyengar and Vini Yoga. Both of her trainings are recognized by yoga alliance and she has over 500 hours of teacher training. Amanda began practicing yoga in 2000 and felt immediately she had found her path. She discovered the practice of yoga lifted the weight from her shoulders and put the pressure aside. There is tranquility on the mat, peace in the breath and strength in the poses that quiets her mind unlike any she has ever known. In today's society defined multitasking, having the will to turn the gaze inward is challenging. Dedication to a regular yoga practice helps restrain the mind from all this chatter, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and calm. It is from this perspective where Amanda's teaching philosophy begins.